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slightlydrybeans 07-16-2012 12:20 PM

The Daily Ambient
So this summer I set myself the rather lofty goal to create a new ambient piece everyday and post it up online. So far I'm on day 16 :) < follow me on tumblr if you're into that sorta thing.

I really did it to make myself quicker and less fiddly when it comes to completing things. With the traditional DAW environment I end up spending months tweaking tiny minutia and never finish anything, and end up with a bad feeling of burnout. This was to make me create something and finish it, even if I don't think it's "perfect". There is simply not enough time to spend 5 hours on every track.

I end up doing stuff mostly in hardware, making interesting feedback loops, simple loops from my crappy sp-202 sampler, only an arp and motion sequencer running things, etc.

It's great! It feels so liberating to have such high output, and the feeling that I should just experiment and make some noise. :)

I would highly recommend it to anyone with the capacity and desire to push themselves.


TwoToneshuzz 07-16-2012 01:58 PM

I buy that Idea. Daily Ambient funny title too. now let's give this a listen. Summer is a good time to open up and experience new ideas!


slightlydrybeans 07-17-2012 07:26 AM

Exactly the idea. :) I'm really curious what you think as well, since I consider you to be an interesting person who makes interesting music. :)

Let me know if you have any ideas for things I can try out. I have loads of opportunities!

jim 07-17-2012 06:02 PM

Reminds me a bit of a writing class I was in a very long time ago -- Each student had to write one new poem every day -- 5 a week for three weeks. Each poem had to be in a specific format with unusual restrictions that changed for every assignment (rough example: "Write a sonnet on a natural subject, don't use any adverbs"). Doing stuff on a regular schedule like this is great -- you will generate lots of new ideas -- and the results you have so far sound pretty good. The pitfall I've run into with this approach is then re-visiting those ideas and creating a finished track. The way to handle that is to create some sort of deadline -- a live gig, or an art show...


TwoToneshuzz 07-18-2012 05:16 AM

I listened to Day 17 smoothsound very good work I like how sound creatures seem to rise up out of nowhere..

I'm listening to Day 19 left a comment on your site. Now I'll go back and listen to some of the other Days!



induktor 07-18-2012 04:30 PM

Very cool!
I just listened to day 1. It conjured up images of a rainy night in a dark city. Blade Runner anyone? I noticed your notes mention the use of a Behringer v-pro. Do you mean the V-Verb Pro? If so, that's a great verb! I have two of 'em.


slightlydrybeans 07-18-2012 05:43 PM

Thanks for the comments everyone. :)
@Jim: I was also in a writing class with this assignment. It was great. We even did it for a short story class, writing a 3-5 page story every week. The constraints are awesome. They make really strange things happen.

@Wade: I like sound creatures and things that come and go unexpectedly. :)

@Induktor: I meant the virtualizer pro. It's not really all that great, but it's good for playing around. haha. The reverbs are quite warm, and there are some other cool and wacky effects in there. Quite versitile which is why I bought it. I also have a boss rv-5, which is a bit colder, but I end up using them both, plus the reverb built into my mixer haha. SOAKED. The last 2 tracks also have a heavy compressor right after the reverbs, to create a bed of noise for the synths to press down into. By playing with send levels you can really get some dynamic things happening in that mish mash. :)

slightlydrybeans 09-05-2012 05:08 PM

I'm on day 65 now. I;ve been getting heavy use of both Numerology and the Preen FM. I've been making music on 2 continents now! We went on a trip to the states (texas, where I'm from) and I managed to keep it up the whole time. The Preen's small form factor is a life saver for that kind of thing. My old ass g4 would not be able to handle more than 1 plugin w/ Numerology hahah.

Day 65

jim 09-07-2012 08:57 PM

Totally diggin it... 65 Days! An impressive achievement, and some very nice results... The Preen looks interesting... I'm in the process of re-building my analog modular into two 'as small as possible' smaller systems, for traveling...


S1gnsOfL1fe 09-17-2012 01:31 PM

Really cool stuff! I absolutely LOVE this idea and agree with what you said...sometimes you do have to give up personal expectation and the strive for perfection to actually just let go and just make some noise!!

I'm going to inject this philosophy into my workflow and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration! Looking forward to many more daily ambient tracks from you.


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