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Uncle GroOve 08-25-2015 08:40 AM

Music(s) for my spinning class... an ideal workflow
Dear fellow Numerologists, here I come with a workflow idea.
Basically the issue is this: I am being drafted to hold some spinning classes (I'm a mountain bike aficionado), but I am not supposed to be using commercially available music because of copyright issues and therefore taxes etc.

My "advantage" would be that since I've always been making music since an early age I can propose a training soundtrack that would sound better than the muzak that my competitors are using.
Other instructors are using copyright free stuff (mostly electronica) which for many reasons is really not up to spec in terms of acoustics (too much reverb and delay) and harmony and overall vibe.

Enter N4:
for each raining session I'll create one N4 file, where each stack is a self-contained training segment at with a X tempo (e.g. warmup, mild climb, intervals, etc); from there I'll sequence the stacks in the playlist and then burn an indexed MP3 file.
The issue here is that I need each stack to have its own tempo to match the workout cadence. Here I can use the groove clock module to force each stack to a given tempo. (not to Jim: don't touch the Groove Clock Module!! :) )

The nice thing is that within N4 I can then reuse the stacks and change tempo and/or rhythm signature and always have "fresh" tracks for the lessons :)

What I do need to work out is how to control tempo changes within the same stack (e.g. I might start at a 80 rpm cadence and move to 90rpm within a 5 minute span) without having to control everything manually, because I can't possibly justify spending a great deal of time tweaking and retouching for a 1 hour lesson.

So that's it, in a mouthful.
Any criticism is, as usual, highly appreciated.



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