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TwoToneshuzz 12-27-2012 05:13 AM

Long drones a new trick!
New Years coming so we need new tricks.

Recently I've been working with Drones and Pads, strange new ambient worlds, using iZotope iris, and now Padshop Pro, lame name but great tool.

I'm allergic to long sequences! It makes me feel tied to a long distant horizon, like it downgrades the NOW, makes for an unsettled mindset this human condition, unsatisfied with the present.

So I have a rule of thumb in Numerology use a maximum of 32 step sequences.

So imagine this with a pair of sequencers, a CV gate sequencer and a Poly note sequencer set to 16 step lengths each, I can move through the Polynotes 16 step cycle in up to 768 bars!!


I patch the Gate Out of the Cv GateSeq into the trigger input of the PolyNote sequencer.

Set the Cv GateSeq to Clock Division 4xW set all it's gate values to max/tie except the 16th set that to step value .95 you have setup a gate On event every EDIT: 64 bars, thanks jue....

Now in the PolyNote set the Play mode to CV trigger Step. Loop on, Beat Quantize off, Auto Reset->off

Clock Division is set to 4xW but in CV trigger Step modus the Clock Division is not really that relevant. I think though, issues will pop up if the Clock Div is less than a Quarter note.

Now each gate on will advance your 16 step sequence one step every 64 bars..

But we are not finished yet, because the actual Gate Out's duration from the Polynote will still only last the 4xW or whatever Clock Div you have set.

So here is where I found a simple patch that makes this work. I inserted a midi CC generator before the instrument (Padshop Pro) gave it a CC value of 64 (sustain) patched the midi output into Padshop Pro. The midi CC generator gets its trigger from the CV GateSeq trigger generator that also advances the PolyNote.

Instant Drone heaven. Chords that are held as long as you want, lengthen your CV Gate Sequencer to 32 steps at 4xW Clock Division that's a whooping 1536 bars over the 16 steps of the Poly note.

The beauty of this setup is that you can have long drones combined with a fast tempo so any rythmic elements or drum tracks can be worked on in normal Clock Divisions.



TwoToneshuzz 12-27-2012 05:37 AM

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So here's images of the simple setup. Compact easy to work with will play long time.

jue 12-27-2012 11:17 AM

just a question
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you wrote:
Set the Cv GateSeq to Clock Division 4xW set all gates to max except the 16th set that to step value .95 you have setup a gate on event every 48 bars.

48 or 64 bars??

for long gates as long as your project please have a look at the
example fade In and out by jue


TwoToneshuzz 12-27-2012 12:50 PM

one Gate on event 4 X 16 = 64 you were right. In my usage right now I set the first 11 full on the 12 step at .95 then a new gate on from 13-16 to achieve 3+1 ratio in the timing of my steps through the sequence, so I had that number 48 bars in my head.

I'm sorry about that mistake but it doesn't make the setup any less useful..

I checked out your example jue but it has absolutely nothing to do with the application I've described here. Your example is a gated fade in and out of audio, my setup is a Gated Trigger, Step advance through a midi generating sequencer with the addition of a feed to CC 64 generating a sustain/hold of the notes beyond the duration of the actual gates. Your example is still a very easy to setup and useful idea. So thanks for the input. Happy New Year too!

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