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Josker 01-13-2020 03:45 PM

Chance operations not working

I've posted about this on Facebook, but for the sake of gathering everything in one place, I'll post it here. Please correct me if this is not the right place:

I think I found a bug, I'm on 1.4.2. I have a drum track, outputting MIDI on output 1. When using the 'jump to' chance operators, for instance having a 50% chance that step 1 will jump to step 5 in a 8-step sequence: Normally the sequence plays perfectly in sync. When the chance operator fires, the sequencer first plays what sounds like a 1/32 version of the regular 1st step (set to 1/16) before jumping to step 5. This obviously unsyncs the entire sequence. Additionally, listening to the sequence play, it seems that sometimes it completely skips step 1, but not always.

Can anyone confirm my expectation for this behavior is correct, in that if the chance operator fires, the sequencer plays step 5 INSTEAD of step 1?

Another one: Oh, and using MIDI OUT 1, the chance operator for 'transpose -12' doesn't work. actually, -9 through -12 don't transpose at all, even with the chance set to 100%.

yrn1 01-14-2020 02:33 AM

I noticed this chance behavior too. It feels very similar to the behavior when using a subsequencer to change the start position.

OHEXOH 01-20-2020 05:21 PM

I generally have a hard time working with the Chance operations. I find that as soon as I try and do anything slightly complex the Vector does not operate as I would expect.


If you use the Unmute operation - how do you actually mute the step for the unmute to work?

If you use the E/O chance bar with the Mute operation it doesn't seem to work as expected. For it to work at all you have to set a % but anything other than 100% seems to just trigger the step regardless of % or Bar.

I don't know - I find the Chance Ops to be both confusing (could be bugs) and overly complicated. For example the way Elektron handles Trig Conditions seems way more intuitive and flexible.

Hopefully this is something that will be addressed.

philgro 01-21-2020 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by OHEXOH (Post 17903)


If you use the Unmute operation - how do you actually mute the step....

The grey mute button to set the sub-mode to "mute", then a white button to mute a step.

The -12 through -9 chance ops are broken in the most recent firmware (if not earlier). In general, the chance ops are not buggy, they work like they are supposed to. I could not duplicate that behavior with step 1 jumping to step 5, it plays through smoothly and does not go out of sync.

Josker 01-21-2020 03:40 PM

Thanks for trying it out! I'm hopeful a video I shot about the behavior has reached the correct person and I'll get a response about whether I'm just overlooking something.

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