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Hello again.

I also think if you will add OSC support to Numerology it will move it to the next level and more people working in areas of computer music/sound art will be interested in it.

I`m using for the moment TouchOSC software for Iphone, which is kind os multi touch control surface(client) sending osc messages to computer(host).

Because OpendSoundControl by it`s nature network protocol Numerology must be able to work as network server/host. Basic parameters defining host must be- host name (i think it will work even without name, but in case somebody using couple of different progs it can be handy),IP adress, port. Protocol means something universal, kinda language, it has structure, and since host understand this language and can reroute messages it gets from client to different parameters of it`s own it is no matter what other software in use.

More about protocol here:

also you can find there a lot of different libraries for most of programming languages to implement OSC in your projects.

I will be glad to assist you in searching information and testing if you need such a help. I`m not a programmer, even if i have some basic knolege about Python as well as Max/Msp, PureData, Supercollider and some others...

We can build example patches for max and PD for people who want to start to use numerology with their soft.

Also, i`m sure that people from Monome community will be happy to use their beautiful controllers (OSC based of course) with numerology, it is very similar paradigm in a way...
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