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Default Midi Delay-ay-ay-ay

There was a rather rankerous end to the midi file export thread, where I expressed doubts and was all kind of attitude but nice..

But all this pent up energy, and then whats this? A call for a midi delay. Well I dove in head first.

I made a monster midi delay..

How? Is there anyone out there who can guess what I did to achieve my mega midi delay?

Heres proof a little recording using my Delay monster plus:
A maschine used as plugin within Numerology
Two external audio signals "Pads" "Brass" from the Blofeld and Wavestation AD.

The delay sound module is the Kontakt instrument NewYork Grand.

How did I do it? Morever why? Anyone willing to venture their theory?

It's a work in process too so if anyone has any Midi delay like tricks they use in Numerology I'd love to hear about them!

There will be a prize of a finished Midi Delay monster from yours truly to the best input post!! I will be working on it, refining it over the next 10 days or so, hopefully with helpful inputs from those great minds involved in this forum.. Then I'll send my midi delay monster to the happy winner ! This is serious good fun but time consuming, hey a new tool!

Btw I'm no newbie to playing with midi delay, I spent long nights tricking up the Midi Processor module in Cubase with devious twisting and Distorting oh that poor innocent user interface..


Jim Coker already knows what I'm up to so I'd ask that he hold tight until I which time as I spill the beans on my own.

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