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Originally Posted by amsonx View Post
i'havent work so much with midi echo/delay but i've digged the Cv Delay, i think the this may be the key to do a midi delay..i'll do some experiments...
I'll save you time and say that you won't reach the effect that I'm going for by using the CV delay..

It's kind of limited because to get a delay effect of a mono note, for example you have to use three CV delays, one each for pitch, gate and velocity..

This makes it unintuitive for changing the Delay times.. I've made a super Canon machine though using the technique..

I connect the outputs from the mono note as described above to a note generator, then you can set the times, and even transpose the output from the Delays so you get a chordal output, using the note generators 2 CV sub outputs, this mixed with the original signal makes for a very fat complex sound from one mononote, lots of fun, The chordal canon machine!!!

But the problem with this setup is to get several taps you would have to use just as many delays x3 as you want taps..

Midi delay can also be used as a midi looper as well btw..

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