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Default Breakdown of stack components.

Following is a breakdown of my stack components, I've written similiar descriptions in the Tips and Trick thread but I think it's okay to repeat some of this here to keep this thread coherent, and perhaps on revisting these concepts I will be able to do a better job of illustrating my points. I think I'll also break up the explenations on a per stack/post basis.

Stack one the Preset changer Stack.

I use this stack as a global preset changer, this has several destination modules on several stacks:

Trigger stacks 2-5. Right now each program number calls up via stack presets my arragement project wide, 192 4/4 time bar sections give approximately 5.5 minutes of material at 100 bpm. So as we all no the playlist only goes up to 32 bar sections this preset triggering of the main arrangment trigger stacks gives me access to hours long productions if I should so choose.

I decide which of the twelve instruments are playing in the trigger stacks 2-5. I can quickly setup different instrumentations per preset by jumping from preset to preset manually with the midi out bus from this stack muted. I then setup a sequence to play them back in anyorder in the Preset changer stack and unmute the midi output. I know ther is a similiar functionallity setup in the Timeline, but I find this way of working much more detailed and manageble. Also I can concievable program these sequences using the Launchpad.

Modules used for this from top to bottom:

Velocity sequencer set with a output range that is greater than the number of presets that I want to use, say 1-16.

The Velocity sequencer is set to CV trigger step modus and gets it's input from a gate sequencer set to 4XW and fortyeight steps, this value matches the length of my arrangment presets at the individual stacks..

The Gate sequencer goes out to and Auxliary gate sequencer set to CV trigger play/Loop off, this is in Clk Div 1/16, I don't know why but Play mode CV trigger step only works when it recieves small subdivision gate signal like 5 sixteenth notes with this setup the Velocity sequence that sends the program number moves one step for every 192 bars. If I send it a 4XW trigger it always skips several steps so therefore this extra trigger step gate sequence is used in the CV trigger signal flow.

a 3rd Gate sequencers is used for initiating the Send now on the Program change module.

Velocity Sequencer, Velocity out-->
Paramod slot one destination--> Prgchange module, Parameter-->PrgNumber.

Gate Sequencer 3, Gate out--> Paramod slot two, destination module--> PrgChange module-->destination parameter-->Send Now.

Program change module is set to Program change only, send on Rewind;off send on preset change;off. the midi channel is set here to match the recieving stacks presets recieve channel. Note here I gave each of the four stacks preset list a unique channel number to allow for individual preset control for each stack. For example it may be handy to have a short section of an arrange loop over say 15 bars by setting up individual Velocity sequencer/preset changers for each stack.

At present I've setup four paramodules and four Program change modules to future/feature proof this setup. The drawback here is that I use up four of my remote busses available 16 channels.

Next up preset control of the individual sound modules sound program/patches. although I haven't used this very common technique for the old midi module days I wan't to get access to this as change programs on a preset change per trigger stack preset or within one presets timeframe could be a useful way to diversify the arrangment where I might want to have several tweeks to a sound or it's reverb parameter that are quickly called up instead of having to do it through modulations to it's parameters.. U-he has implemented in Diva, Filterscape, Ace, and Zebra and easy Midi preset manager setup. Surge has automatic preset call up but difficult to setup numbers at it's just arbitrary goes through the lists of 1000s of presets and assigns them bank and preset number serially, AAS has a less intuitive setup where the first 128 programs are called up by default so you have to rearrange it's core preset list except with Chromaphone which loads the presets from the active bank ignoring bank number and using only program number this is okay I guess as you could use the user bank to function in the same way as the midi programs bank in the u-he synths. My 20 year old Korg wavestation has a program change mapping setup that is the most sofisticated solution, imagine that!

Anyways I've setup 12 program modules to gain access to program changes and use the main midibus to send program changes to my soft and hardware synths. An added difficulty with this setup is that I will perhaps have to delay the sendnow to the program change module to assure that the module is turned on by my auto turn on trigger from the trigger stack..

Thats the program changer stacks functionality to date, the other things I can use this preset changer stack to control is the time stack and perhaps the Velocity and Harmony stacks as well.


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