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Default iPad Air, Lemur, L'Pad v2 & N4

I'm trying to get L'Pad v2 to control N4, but I'm running into problems, and wondered whether anybody who's succeeded in doing this could offer any suggestions about what I'm doing wrong...

Communication between the Mac & Lemur is OK (I can send stuff back & forth between Lemur on the iPad and the Lemur Editor on the Mac). I've told N4 that it has a Launchpad controller, and selected the appropriate MIDI in & out on the Lemur daemon.

The behaviour that I'm seeing is that when N4 starts up & loads a project L'Pad is placed into Rack Navigation mode (the User button is illuminated), and the appropriate grid buttons that correspond to sequencers in the stacks are illuminated. That's all fine. However, the problem that I have is that pushing any of the buttons on the L'Pad interface has no effect whatsoever - it's as if no controller data is being transmitted to N4, or it is, and is being ignored.

Can anybody shed any light on what I might be missing?

Thanks very much,
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