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Default Mute tracks? Nope

Sorry as yet there's no individual track muting in Numerologies Launchpad implementation of the Drumseq. Grab the ol mouse or if you have another controller with toggle mode button control like a novation nocturn you could set those up to mute the Drumsequencers individual tracks or even a midi keyboard should be able to do it. Hey thanks for the idea!! Right now I've got a Drumseq set-up with two Gate sequencers routed into parameter modulation modules doing auto muting of four tracks each of an 8 track sequencer. Track muting is extremely useful in the Drumsequencer for sure which ever way your trying to go about it.

To assign the buttons to mute the tracks make sure they are in toggle mode and assigned to individual CC numbers for example track/button 1 CC 71 track/button 2 CC72 Tr/bt 3 CC 73 etc. then make sure you've chosen your midi controller input port on the midi in drop down on the stack, then right click(cltr click) on the track mute button to enable midi learn, follow this by engaging the button you want to use for the track then your set....

Good luck, and enjoy your new set-up



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