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Let's not forget about acoustic treatment also. The best studio monitors sound like crap in a bad room, and it won't translate well at all to others environments.

Check out GIK Acoustics, they have all the usual stuff (absorbers, diffusors etc) but it looks great too, and can be customised to your liking (provided you have the wallet for it. You can also get personal Acoustic Room advice :

Regarding those A77X's: I'll be buying them sometime next year when moving to a new house that has yet to be built (if they're not too big for the room that i don't even know the dimension of yet, otherwise i'll take some of their smaller monitors), together with all the acoustic treatment from GIK that i need.
Right now i'm also working on headphones, because of this 'transit period to a new location' that has yet to begin. Haedphones tire my ears though....

I once had the A8X's (fabulous monitors btw), and Mackie HR824's before those, but had to sell them early 2011 because of a financial dip. Not to worry though, i sold them to my best friend and soulmate Apollonius, and we're living (and making music) together in the same house in the same room(and will be living in that new place together also). So i can still access them for brutal honest representation of crappy mixes/masters and whatnot. Acoustics are ok and does it's job for now. Next house will have a dedicated place that we can call a studio at last......can't wait!

I listened to many studio monitors, from very cheap to very expensive, but stuck with ADAM because they sounded the most detailed and realistic imo. Reverb tails, transient handling, high end 'air', clicks and other glitches in audio are all very apparent when listening. They're amazing to work with, and since they're so brutally honest it doesn't take long to make anything sound right in a room with proper acoustics.

Genelecs are good also, but a bit too 'forward' sounding and i heard this strange distortion somewhere in the upper mids just like with Event Opals which bugged the hell out of me. What told the truth here, the professionally mastered music or these monitors? Or was it some strange crossover behaviour in these monitors?
Can't really tell....
PMC's also sound drop dead gorgeous (although they can get very expensive). It's like the music sounds alive on them and you're really there, although i miss the detail that ADAM's tweeters are known and loved for.
Biased towards ADAM's i am, but always keeping an open ear on the other hand for anything that i haven't heard yet.

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