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Moreso than most things, monitoring is a very personal thing. Remember that it's about what they make you do to your mixes, and how those mixes then sound and translate, rather than just about how they sound. Look at the success of the NS10 - unflattering and not by any means a pleasant speaker to listen to but a useful tool for a lot of people (not me though).

I currently have Focal CMS65s which I think are excellent and definitely worth checking out in your kind of price range. But for some people they are too smooth and forgiving.

The best advice is to listen to as many speakers as possible, if possible in your own room, and if possible for at least a couple of mixes. That way you'll have a proper feel for what they are like to work with and what works for you. Buy from somewhere with a good returns policy.

After that it's a case of learning them as you work with them over time.

And the stuff about acoustic treatment is very true - although a whole different topic.
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