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Originally Posted by benway View Post
I know this is an old thread, but first up thanks for the Mopho NRPN list, super helpful.

I'm probably being really dumb here, but I'm not quite getting what I need to enter into the NRPN generator in Numerology. For example, the list says:

nrpn h,l range parameter
0 0 0,0 0-120 osc1 freq, semitones C0-C10
I'd need to see more examples to be sure, but for that case, both MSB and LSB would be 0, min value 0, max value 120. Be sure that the SourceMode matches your CV source. For instance, if you're using an LFO, its output range will be from -1 to +1, so set scaling to "Source [-1, +1]".

I ran a quick test w/ the Tetra. The NRPN numbers for it begin on page 52 in my download of the manual. DSI just lists single NRPN numbers, and the ones in the "A" column are what work for a 'live' patch. Up to a number of 127, enter it into the LSB field, and set MSB to 0. If the number is greater than 127, you can calculate the MSB/LSB values like this:

MSB = <nrpn num> / 127 (integer division!)
LSB = <nrpn num> % 127 (modulo -- the remainder after integer division)

% means "modulo", which you can do via many calculators, and also by a google search:
"200 modulo 127" (which is 73).

Originally Posted by benway View Post
I'm also trying to figure out NRPN for my Miniak, which is even worse. There's a list of parameters here:

But I can't for the life of me figure out what I need to be entering in Numerology. Hex values?
Numerology always uses decimal, and the values for the Miniak are decimal as well (notice no letters in the NRPN numbers). Looks like you would use the same math for nrpn's > 127 as for the Tetra. For instance, lfo 1 rate is nrpn 159:

159 / 127 = 1 (remember: integer division).
159 % 127 = 32

so MSB is 1, LSB is 32.

Now what doesn't make sense to me is that some of their NRPN value ranges have negative values. AFAIK, NRPN values cannot be negative -- the lowest value is zero. I suppose send them an email and ask, or just experiment -- the synth engine should limit values appropriately.

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