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So modular systems, and older hardware analog gear use "control voltages". The Eurorack standard is 1 volt per octave over -5/+5 volts for pitch, and an 'on or off' voltage for gate. The traditional solution for interfacing such gear with computers is a "MIDI 2 CV" interface, but good ones can be expensive, and they tend to be a bit limited -- i.e. not many CV outs.

As it turns out, some audio interfaces can generate the sort of steady-state voltages needed to drive CV-based gear. Such interfaces are called "DC Capable", and almost all MOTU interfaces qualify. So that can be your hardware connection -- usually with some custom cabling. But you also need some pitch calibration to keep from going insane, that's where the software comes in. Both MOTU's Volta and Expert Sleepers SilentWay can be used to provide calibrated conversion from MIDI to audio-based CVs -- with appropriate hardware. It can be a bit tedious sometimes to get everything calibrated, but once it is setup, it works really well.

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