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Hi Jim! Thank you for your help!

I think I am getting closer...

- Setup a CCGen to send CCs 16 and 17. Set scaling for both 'voices' to "No Scaling".

- Set ModSequencer to generate values in the range 0 to 1.

- To generate the MSB value for CC 16, use a BinaryOp module to scale the ModSeq CV by 3 --- so 0 to 1 in the mod seq will generate 0 to 3 on CC 16.
Which function should I use for SCALE?

- To generate the LSB you will need two BinaryOp: One to multiply the ModSeq CV value by 381 (i.e. 3 times 127), then feed that into a second UnaryOp set to "Int Modulo" with Input B set to 127.
I think I got that...

The same CV out from the Modulation Seq will feed
1) the first BinaryOp (CV Input A) -> CCGen (CV In 1 = CC 16) -> MIDI Out
2) the second BinaryOp (CV Input A) -> the third BinaryOp (CV Input A) -> CCGen (CV In 2 = CC 17)

Did I understand correctly?

If yes now I only need to no how to apply scale function in the first BinaryOp.

Many Thanks!

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