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Nice idea Wade - I realised whilst contemplating it that I have never used the tagging feature in the forum. It seems possible that one way to make the forum function better as a searchable resource could be for someone to systematically add relevant macro tags to existing threads. As I see it it would not be necessary to alter any existing tags as the feature is currently hardly utilised at all and any systematic tagging would result in the new macro tags having a very prominent place in the tag cloud.

To demonstrate I just took the liberty of adding a "tips & tricks" tag and a "your music" tag to a couple of your most recent musical works(let me know if you want the tags removed) and now if you look at the tag cloud "tips and tricks" is one of the big ones (and I'm sure "your music" will be there in a minute as well).

Anyway what do you reckon? I'm happy to do some work on this if it would be useful(general help I mean - not just implementing my own suggestions).
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