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Default With out cohearance in the data stream we are lost all lost!

We need to improve the quality of our user experience. This is the only way that Numerology can grow and survive in a market with increasing competition. So working on improving accessabilty of the features and describing the qualities of our tools adds value and sells it better, shuts up the complainers helps the developer find where the relavant areas for improvemnet and bug fixes are.

From a user point of view the actual writing of texts about the tools you use and the creative process is a valuable learning experience. Often it reveals weak spots in your knowledge, and even better weak spots in your communication and reasoning skills.

As for myself living in Denmark after growing up in Canada makes me put a high value on my english language writing skills. The Danes speak okay english. But I speak danish with the danes so I don't get much practice with english at all here.

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