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Default Falling in love with Numerology all over again!


To start off with, I've been a Numerology user and fan since Level 1. I was part of the Siderial group on Yahoo many years ago...I think my user name was "Snakehorse Music" or something to that effect. Anyway, after taking a long hiatus from making electronic music (my last album 2 years ago was acoustic rock), I am back! I just wanted to say hello to Jim and all of you active on these forums.

What brought me back was I'm currently working on a new album that's much more ambient driven...still using acoustic elements...but despite all that I never really realized the full power of Numerology until recently. I'm so impressed with how far it's come and where it's headed...and like I said, I've always been a fan. Even though I wasn't using it on my previous material, I kept it updated to the latest full versions because I knew how special it was.

Hope to bring something positive to the discussion as I'm using it heavily on my new album. Looking forward to making some new friends here as well.

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