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Default Midi trig gate mode

Hello Jim (or anyone else who has this problem),

It seems to me that when you use midi notes from Ableton (for example) to advance, say, the mono sequencer steps rather than the clock divider, that you either have the option to reset the sequence every time the midi note plays or for the sequence to pick up where it left off with the new note.

The second option is great for me (I am trying to emulate the behaviour of the Tirana module from Xoac in case you are interested) but the problem is that it seems to disable the hard sync option. I am using midi trig gate mode for this behavious by the way, hence the thread title.

There is a workaround, I send a low midi note every 8 bars or whatever through a midi filter so that it does not affect the sequencer and then convert it to "CV" and then from the parameter modulator to reset sequence as destination.

It all seems a bit of a long workaround to me though. Is there an easier way?

Thanks a lot!
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