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Originally Posted by eenixon View Post
I've done a bit of poking around and haven't found an obvious answer so here I am. I'm interested in whether there's a way to get MIDI or CV data as Numerology conceives it internally, i.e., as real valued numbers, back and forth between Numerology and VCV Rack?

I'm not encouraged by the relative immaturity of VCV Rack: it has modules for MIDI input and/or MIDI CC, to CV conversion, etc. But I don't think there's anything available that does 'pure' CV or even OSC.

On the other hand, Numerology can route MIDI and audio externally, through Jack say, but I don't know how that data is represented once it has left. And, of course, what it actually means to the receiving application is a whole other can of worms.

Does this post make any sense? I guess I'm wondering if there's a magic bullet interface or pipe that is kind of agnostic about what it's carrying but well enough behaved that it doesn't blow stuff up arbitrarily. Or something else...

Any ideas or links or pointers would be a great help. Thanks.

Hi! English not being my main language, I was hesitating asking that but now I thank you to have done it.
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