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Default MIDI and/or CV output to "the World"

Two items:

* Here's the link to the FB post I mentioned yesterday about using Max and Loopback to connect VCV Rack to, as it turns out, Gig Performer -- VST hosting app:

Unfortunately, the Youtube video it refers to has been taken down.

* Just a clarification regarding LFO and HotBunny: in the final example patch in the documentation for HotBunny, an LFO is used to clock one of the HB modules, not a particularly innovative thing probably but in the context and when the LFO is run at or near audio rate, it seems to create some interesting possibilities for timbre shading/shifting given both the frequency and the 4 waveform options available for clock input.

Kind of wandering far and wide here; maybe time to stop unless there are further developments.
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