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Default Looking a tinee weeny 13 inch Macbook pro screen.

Is this what the world looks like in Macbook land, shiny, small, cold, Well Im going to go for broke and get the 2007 iMac repaired, and the perhaps start on getting the mac mini modular setup together, The server edition has two 500 Gb drives and 4 Gb ram. I wanted to wait until February as by then I'd be pretty well out of earlier debts, but a few months overlap isn't going to kill me...

What I envision is a setup acquired over a couple of years consisting of 3 mac minis and a pro screen 21 inch that can be pivoted into portrait mode. That should make the number of sequencers I can see at once expand to about seven..Another good thing about a pro screen is that it can take inputs from three computers!

What I don't like about these laptops is the upperbody slouch that it encourages, so in a way I would probably prefer just doing without a laptop altogether, use the three mac minis and the screen, for performances I'd still need a bunch of keyboards, controllers, cables and stands, a table so bringing along a 21 inch monitor would not be a huge bother..

Luckily I see that my system backup harddisk with all the programs seems to be fine. When I noticed problems with the imac I had begun backing up using Super Duper, but the gig was up, and it froze midway through.. Strangely no harm done.. Whew..

I have another big dual slot icy dock with all my photos and Numerology projects so I'm okay there..

The interesting thing about this all is that even if I did lose all my Data, I would be most worried about the photos.

Numerology has this simple Data structure, it builds these amazing sound canvases almost from nothing, that to start again from scratch zero nil zilch, doesn't seem like such a scary thing..

Like the Buddist sand paintings. Numerology projects can live in the NOW, in a way Logic Projects or Cubase projects or Pro Tools just can't reach..Funny it seems it's more about what you know right now, than any accumulated cleverness.

A harmony stack as I have demonstrated is basically just a 10 note sequence in three voices, and yet it can create the backbone for a piece lasting a half an hour.. Each sub sequence lasts max 32 steps, most just 16, they fill out that half an hour, with infinite variation through modulation, trigger gates, extra interval sequencers, Lfo's..

I remember basically what I've done when I've been working with a Numerology project. I let it run it's course, I'm often pretty satisfied given my skill level, so i don't really feel the need to return to old projects..

I don't own the whole music I create with Numerology I interact, something comes out that I'm partly responsible for, I'm pleased, but also ready to let gentle yet firm hands whisk away the sound images after this long days journey into sound..


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