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Default Maybe I'll replace the Hard disk myself!

I think I just may do the deed and replace the hardisk myself in my my mid 2007 imac. I've found a DIY run through on the net. That way I can save some $ like 200, and put that toward the mini. If it's more than the Hard disk that is broken I will still have a new 500 Gb hard drive installed in the imac at cost, and the apple service people can do there thing to get it up and running.

On a side note I've checked out monitors, and there's some EIZO monitors that sound like they would be fine for using with numerology as they can be veritcally aligned, and aren't terribly expensive. I know I stated in the above post that a pro monitor with three inputs was in the running, but at 1000$, I might just wait a while before springing on that. For audio work the monitor isn't that critical. For photo the imac if it works for now is okay..

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