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one Gate on event 4 X 16 = 64 you were right. In my usage right now I set the first 11 full on the 12 step at .95 then a new gate on from 13-16 to achieve 3+1 ratio in the timing of my steps through the sequence, so I had that number 48 bars in my head.

I'm sorry about that mistake but it doesn't make the setup any less useful..

I checked out your example jue but it has absolutely nothing to do with the application I've described here. Your example is a gated fade in and out of audio, my setup is a Gated Trigger, Step advance through a midi generating sequencer with the addition of a feed to CC 64 generating a sustain/hold of the notes beyond the duration of the actual gates. Your example is still a very easy to setup and useful idea. So thanks for the input. Happy New Year too!

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