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Originally Posted by amsonx View Post
thanks for the advice Wade , i'll explore your suggestion, i've posted my stack before i read this..
It seemed alittle muddled my post about the Canon Machine, I just want to point out the CV siganl flow;

Mono note

interval out ---> CV delay 1 in

Gate out ---> CV delay 2 in

Velocity out----> CV delay 3 in

CV delay 1+2+3 to Note Generator Interval,Gate and Velocity in

PLUS Interval out to CV delay to NoteGenerator sub output 1 +2

You could choose a to make a chord or note cluster follow your mono note single line, or even use two note Generators one delayed and one non delayed for having a chordal Canon!

As to inputs on the Delay monster I'm still refining the setup and will spill the beans about what it's all about sometime next week.. But Diego being the first to answer this post, gets the Delay for sure..

I'm would be touchy about just posting as a freebie my Delay monsters to just any casual lurkers, or non contributors, but the folks that have made their presence felt and have helped out before with problem solving will be in the running for getting a Delay monster, I figure it will take about 30 hours to make.. But will be used by me for a whole new direction in sound making..

It's also making me find to groundbreaking ways to handle small niggaly problems that become big hurdles when working in monster mode..

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