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Default New Project Example

Okay so you asked, I spent some time setting up an example project using the Apple DLS synth

Now you can read my text from the Original Post and try and see how it's all setup, don't be too critcal with the music though. It's still new to me to combine scale thinking with 3 part harmony, with work and some study this could be quite a good way to get a handle on Harmonic structure using the added spice of the colour of different Tonal Centers, and Scales.. One finesse I might add is a tenary op that transposes the whole sequence down to compensate for the involunary transposition when you change Keys.. I don't want my sequences to jump around in the register with each new key, I'd like the Key of C to change to A flat but not have the phrases jump a minor six they should stay in the same place just play a around a different tonal center, so my tenary op will be set up to transpose everything down a minor sixth, to avoid this when moving to A flat.. Easy peasy... Actually maybe there is a scale filter or something in the modules list. hmm time to go looking...

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