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Love the Evolve feature!

Is there any reason in particular why Evolve is not supported for the CV sequencer modules? Did you just not get around to it yet? Even if there would just be a single dimension "X" available for evolution, that would still be quite useful imho (especially when using a 'discrete sequencing' setup, one would end up with at least 3 dimensions in total again anyway).

Btw, having a little "E" icon both for "Edit" (module run mode settings) on the left side and for "Evolve" on the right side may be slightly confusing (i.e. telling someone to "click on the small 'E' icon" is not clear enough anymore). Maybe consider changing one of them to a different letter? (and sacrifice some disk space for yet another icon image ;P) Or maybe a symbol, perhaps a bit similar to TimeMachine's menu bar icon, but with the arrow clockwise?
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