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I've been messing with Evolve finally and I love it. I have a couple questions/suggestions:

1) it would be really fantastic if the interval choices could at least be expanded to span all the intervals within the octave - the sixths and sevenths. Even better would be some way to expand beyond the octave - ninths, tenths, etc...whether they have their own entry or can be somehow 'added together' with whatever logical smaller intervals make sense.

2) as far as auto evolve is concerned, the options are 1-8 beats and 1-16 bars. this works great for lots of things but wouldn't cover a situation such as [off the top of my head] - evolving a parameter every 10 beats in a 9/8 groove. Maybe a way to get around this would be a '1 bar plus 1 beat' option...obviously this could get out of hand possibly but I thought it worth throwing out there.

anyway, Evolve, even if no further changes were made = fantastic, super super fun. thank you.

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