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Unhappy Logic won't let go of nanoKontrol

I have a nanoKontrol2 that I use to control Num5. Works like a charm.

Yesterday I decided to record a thing I have been working on where I use nanoKontrol and hooked everything up and fired up Logic. Logic then promptly discovered nanoKontrol and has assigned it to one of the channel strips with the odd by-effect that when I try to control Num5 with slider 7 or 8 I also control Logic, which is bad.

I have not found a way to getting Logic to forget about nanoKontrol. I see it under Control Surfaces but there is no way that I can delete it. I even tried to remove all* files from the ~/Library/Preferences folder, but to no avail.

Anybody who has had this problem and how did you solve it? Right now I am quite at a loss as to how I will be able to record that particular piece as I really want to fiddle with the sliders in real time.


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