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Thanks Jim –

I had a play with triggering the sequencer with a MIDI note and changing Presets with both MIDI notes and program changes from Renoise. It works up to a point, but this morning it also struck me that it might be simpler to have the Numerology transport locked to Renoise and use a muted Preset (as you suggested) if you don't want anything playing.

But I guess this doesn't get around the slight annoyance of having to send Preset changes the bar before you want them to take effect. (I tried switching off the Preset change quantize from 'Bar' to 'None' but that introduces the problem of overlapping notes, where the last note of one Preset is overlapped by the first note of the new Preset.)

Will experiment some more tonight. Hope I can get a good workflow going with the Renoise/Numerology combo!
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