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Originally Posted by dispatched View Post
Had a long session over the weekend making a track in Renoise + Numerology (Rewired). Mostly it works pretty well, but there's one major annoyance.

So I have a few Numerology stacks, each with a few Presets, and I want to make an arrangement in the Timeline.

With REC enabled in Num, I start playback in Renoise of say the first 8 bars and then click on the presets in real time to lay them down in the Timeline. So far so good.

Now I move on the the next part of say 16 bars . . . I set playback in Renoise to start from bar 9 and continue to the end of bar 16. Hit Play and select the desired Num Presents.

Trouble is that when I look into the Num Timeline, bars 1 to 8 are empty – everything has been erased.
Sounds like a bug to me! (will put on the list…)

Originally Posted by dispatched View Post
Another odd thing (although it doesn't seem to affect anything particularly) is if I work in Renoise for a while without switching to the Num screen, then switch to the Num screen, it's like everything that's been happening graphically in Num is being stored up in a buffer and is now being played out as fast as possible. The MIDI/audio is fine, it's just the screen redrawing that's doing this funny thing.
I can pretty much guarantee that is Apples 'app nap' being a bit overaggressive. I'm putting in a fix for that for the first 4.1 build, and I can probably do something to keep animation at a minimum when Num is not the front-most app.

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