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Originally Posted by dpcoffin View Post
I don't have the SE version, so I can't address the limitations of that, but in general, sending and using MIDI CC the way you want CAN get complicated and depends on both your host DAW and the device you're trying to target. I usually use Logic, where it's simplified, even though AU plugins can't send MIDI Out, because here ARE AU MIDI FX plugins and happily Numerology is one.

In Live, amazingly, it can be even trickier, and AFAIK, AU MIDI FX can't be used. The best coverage on how to do it using VST plugins with MIDI Out is at the link below, describing another device, but the basics are the same for Numerology, or, say, HY sequencers, etc.

As for targeting multiple parameters on the same synth, I'd see if the synth offers macro controls so you can combine your targets with one of those and modulate only the one macro knob. HTH!
Thanks for the link dpcoffin! I'll have a close look through that

Yeah I've got that HY seqcollection as well and ran across similar hurdles but I think I'm getting there now.

My problem was on a more basic level with numerology I wasn't sure the best way to get the basic midi CC messages set up but I think the CVgen/faderbox is a good way to go. I can use that to send clean CC messages to the VST to learn while nothing else is playing - I've got multiple CCs controlling u-he ace now. The next step for me is to settle on a CC template for softsynths so I can set them up and won't have to re-learn them every time I decide to automate from numerology
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