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Default Euclidean Rhythms for the GateSeq from E (2,1) to E ( 32/31)


here is a new expanded version of Euclidean Rhythms now from E (2,1) to E ( 32/31) for a GateSeq.
This were 496 Presets to play with.
You have to unzip the included file. Then you have a folder with all this Euclidean Rhythms as presets for the GateSeq.
You can use the Import Module function in the Stack menue to load a GateSeq with the selected Euclidean Rhythm.
I included all possible variations without taking care of the dublicates.
To rotate the Euclidean Rhythm please use the Shift right/left buttons at the GateSeq.

For more information please visit:

For more musical information visit:

All this Euclidean Rhythms were made by hand, so their may be errors by making the calculations or setting up the GateSeq.
If you find some errors please let me know.


PS: A list with all included Euclidean Rhythms is in the folder.
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