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Originally Posted by jim View Post
Email me a copy of that module (with the .media folder) in a .zip archive. -- All exported modules should load fine, either through the "Import Module" menu item or through the module presets system. Thanks,
I was hoping to be able to launch N3 with one of its .nmods, but no luck using the .zips downloaded from this thread. I get an ERROR message. I will have to try with an nmod I created. I should mention that I was able to load Electro Kit, but not the others. I did this by creating a DrumSeq, loading Drum Kit, and then Load Module Preset.

I tried to place a folder called "MODULES" inside Library/Application Support/Five12/Numerology/Stack Library. When I try to import I can see the folder, but not the contents.

I tried Import Module from the Stack thingy up top. I could find the .nmod, but got the ERROR message when I tried to load. I tried with Aceone Rhythm Ace and the others.

I tried to create my own Drum Kit module. I exported module preset. When I tried to load I got an ERROR message; however, the sample loaded.

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