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Lightbulb The Daily Ambient

So this summer I set myself the rather lofty goal to create a new ambient piece everyday and post it up online. So far I'm on day 16 < follow me on tumblr if you're into that sorta thing.

I really did it to make myself quicker and less fiddly when it comes to completing things. With the traditional DAW environment I end up spending months tweaking tiny minutia and never finish anything, and end up with a bad feeling of burnout. This was to make me create something and finish it, even if I don't think it's "perfect". There is simply not enough time to spend 5 hours on every track.

I end up doing stuff mostly in hardware, making interesting feedback loops, simple loops from my crappy sp-202 sampler, only an arp and motion sequencer running things, etc.

It's great! It feels so liberating to have such high output, and the feeling that I should just experiment and make some noise.

I would highly recommend it to anyone with the capacity and desire to push themselves.

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