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Thanks for the comments everyone.
@Jim: I was also in a writing class with this assignment. It was great. We even did it for a short story class, writing a 3-5 page story every week. The constraints are awesome. They make really strange things happen.

@Wade: I like sound creatures and things that come and go unexpectedly.

@Induktor: I meant the virtualizer pro. It's not really all that great, but it's good for playing around. haha. The reverbs are quite warm, and there are some other cool and wacky effects in there. Quite versitile which is why I bought it. I also have a boss rv-5, which is a bit colder, but I end up using them both, plus the reverb built into my mixer haha. SOAKED. The last 2 tracks also have a heavy compressor right after the reverbs, to create a bed of noise for the synths to press down into. By playing with send levels you can really get some dynamic things happening in that mish mash.
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