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Default Playing my midi delay august 2012

I've revisted my midi delay project.

I had spent around 80 hours figuring this out setting it up wiring it, I think there's maybe 100,000 connections in the thing.

It uses 96 sequencers with filtered note input to give access to four octaves of four note polyphonic 16 tap output for every two scale tones..

There are controls for controlling Clock Division on a per octave basis.

There are controls for setting the Sequence start step on a per octave basis.

I've implented a Mass editor so I can edit on a per octive basis things like gate lengths, velocity.

I think for midi pitch effects I'll add midi transform modules in the sounds stacks with realtime controls for pitch transposition, and perhaps randomization.

Maybe it's soon time to post the Midi Delay as the Numerology user base gets more powerful computers that can handle this beast..

The power when playing this thing makes it seem like the walls of the house are being shattered into a million pieces..

I was working for an hour or so on getting the Mass editor assigned to the GateLength and Velocity parameters. Only needs doing 96 times for each parameter type... So it's a whizz...



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