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Originally Posted by zaxmalloy View Post
So, my questions is, if I do the paid update from N4SE to N4Pro now during the holiday sale, would the N5Pro update be "free"?
Originally Posted by jim View Post
You would be able to update to N5 Pro for 50% off. Assuming the N5 upgrade price is comparable to earlier upgrades, that would make the total (N4 SE -> N4 Pro -> N5 Pro) roughly comparable to upgrading from N4 SE to N4 Pro w/o the holiday sale price. -- Just remember to remind me about this note when you request your N5 upgrade coupon.
A few more notes to clarify this case, which is different from both a new license, or getting a 'standard' upgrade for an older license:

Someone who buys a new license now (anytime after the N5 announcement -- Aug 17 2017), either SE or Pro, gets a free upgrade to N5 -- even if they move from SE to Pro after the initial sale.

Someone who buys a 'standard' upgrade for an older version of Numerology (N3 SE to N4 SE or N3 Pro to N4 Pro), gets the sale price on the upgrade, but no special deal when N5 comes out.

This case described above is somewhere in the middle: Zaxmalloy got N4 SE a while back, but wants to make a 'bigger than normal' upgrade: a move from N4 SE to N4 Pro. In that case the benefits fit the middle as well: He gets the sale price, and a discount on the eventual upgrade to N5 -- that total in USD is $72, only $2 more than it normally is to upgrade from SE to Pro.

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