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Originally Posted by jim View Post
Front Panel Layout... I'm still working out some details as to button color and labeling. There is a possibility I may use Illuminated buttons for some things -- specifically edit modes, but I haven't evaluated any parts for that yet.

The larger round circles are encoders, the smaller ones are all buttons. The front panel will be aluminum with black text and red accent graphics.
This all looks very promising and exciting! Numerology was always crying out for a dedicated controller. Something between the ease of use of, say, a dark time from Doepfer and the capability of the Cirklon would make sense. Being able to program from Numerology on the computer and then load into the module would be great. One thing that would occur to me would be to incorporate features that the Cirklon does not have (complex envelope/LFO sequencing like the Control Forge does). I would think though that it may need a dedicated breakout box for advanced CV sequencing.

Would also love to meet up at Superbooth if you can make it Jim!
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