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Default Best Resource for Learning Logic?

I'm going to dive into using Logic 9 . My main question is which Tutorials are good, I'm thinking of going with the Groove 3 tutorial. I want to get the general knowledge of using the program in a relatively fast and painless way.. And generally are video tutorials really that useful? It seems like an easy and fun way to learn but on the otherhand is it afterall just too easy?
I speculate as to whats the best modus for using tutorials, any tips? Or am I kidding myself and learning a new system will always be a painful and slow process? No pain no gain so to say?

I've been reluctant to start on this Logic learning project, I'd rather channel my inventive curious energy in finding what sounds to use, developing arrangements, taking control in the structure of my tracks. As well as spend time discovering new tricks and tweaks to my Numerology setups than spend a huge amount of time learning Logic by trial and error.

What resources are recommended?

Also is there a global system wide midi clock utility that I can use to sync both Logic, Numerology and Maschine?

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