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Originally Posted by zvonx View Post
So I'm still fairly new to Logic 9.

I'm running numerology in rewire mode and processing the ReWire inputs with effects to great effect and I really love what I have going on but I think I backed myself into a corner. I can no longer add anything without logic freaking out.

So - what I'm wondering is: Can I freeze the tracks but keep the effects on the channel and not baked in so I can automate them? Should I just bypass all the effects and record the audio?

Well I guess since I'm running them all on AUX Rewire I need to bus the Rewire bus to an audio track? Then I can just option drag the effects over?
I don't really know logic all that well, but I would probably do that -- record the ReWire stuff to an audio track, then apply FX...

Originally Posted by zvonx View Post
Another question: Can I record numerology midi into logic? For the life of me I can't figure that out.
To pipe MIDI from Numerology to Logic, use an IAC buss (create w/ /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup). If you want to split MIDI recording across multiple tracks, check out this thread

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