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Originally Posted by KeyReal View Post
Hello Jim, I bought a full license and having re-wire problem. N4.1 just do not open in rewire mode. Saw other topics and tried all suggestions such as same 32bit on both and bundle files in a folder. What else worth double checking? Running 10.6.8 with Logic 9.1.
Here's the full list of things to check:

- Start N4 standalone, and in N4's Prefs / Advanced, set Logging to "High".

- While you're there, check the "Installation" tab and ensure it says that the ReWire driver is 'Installed'.

- Quit N4, Start Logic 9

- In Logic, create a new stereo AUX Channel in the Mixer. If you can, set the input to that channel to be N4 ReWire (image attached)

… whether that works or not:

- Start the N4 app again

- In the "Numerology" menu, use "Contact Five12" to report a bug. Let me know if N4 RW showed up in the input menu to the aux channel in Logic 9, and if N4 started in ReWire mode.

Sending the bug report will also grab some logs files (one for the ReWire driver, one for the App) that will help me see what is going on. Once you're done, turn Logging back to 'Off'.

One other thing to know about w/ ReWire & Logic 9 : In Logic's prefs, be sure "ReWire Behavior" is set to "Live Mode", image attached also…

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