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Originally Posted by CF3 View Post
My feature request is a non-modular standalone version with more than 8 tracks (16 or 32 maybe?) and 16 step buttons/encoders. I currently have a Cirklon, and would sell it in a hot minute for a full size standalone Vector.

A big YES. I got on the waiting list for the Cirklon a year ago and was told the waiting time was "approximately one year". I nver heard from them again and I recently found out that this has now gone up to 2.5 years, and Sequentix seem to be on a different planet as they're talking about a mk2 machine with touch screen and MIDI 2.0 spec.. when there's no MIDI 2.0 gear available or even announced.

A stand-alone doubled-up Vector with MIDI DIN ports would be insta-buy!
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