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Default Sampler basic Waveforms make a synth?

I was thinking of doing a project where I only use Numerology with all it's built tools the sampler, the drumsampler and the audio processing modules as the sole sound generators.

The project idea is basically to work out a way to just minimalize my whole way of working . Need a sound, grap a simple waveform, then use all of numrologies tools to create my own modulations and filtering.

I thought to help get the ball rolling I'd buy the Galbanum waveforms 30$ for more than a thousand super duper better than everyone else's shabby tiny ear gas, they offer quite simply gleaming gobs of sonic waveform goodness.

The project might seem more fun if I started with a pro level waveform bank.. Or am I just suffering for gear lust again. IS there' stuff out there that's just as good for this purpose (waveforms) and free to boot!!

Should I buy this:

Or should I sit on my hands and dig up the free stuff ? I want to have a running start on this...Learning curve bending my brain, my many bosses are wondering where the hell is the beef!!?

I could generate waveforms using my own existing synths too so whats the deal why doesn't everybody just generate their own waveforms?

Help this dummy! He's going off the edge..... boink bang rattle crash....


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