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A while back I found MacProVideo to be a good resource.

If I remember correctly, the trainer for several of the videos was the person who made the Reading Rainbow song, and he has a friendly and fun style of teaching.

I'm listening to the Groove3 sample video now, which seems to be fairly comparable to MacProVideo. I guess you may want to check both and see what subjects they cover.

Now, there's also someone on YouTube called Logic SF Ninja, who has a slew of videos online. He covers a variety of topics, and has a nice style as well.

One thing to keep in mind, especially if you're considering investing in a training resource with your time and money, I guess there's forever been the rumor that Logic will be updated to a significantly new version at some point, which might change how Logic is used, and so any training done might be a tad outdated soon. I doubt it'll change too much though, and many skills you learn will be translatable I'd presume. My guess is that it'll be even further simplified, maybe they way Final Cut Pro was done in the newest version of that software.
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