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Default Improvisation and playing within N4?

No question is too silly
I hope so.
I'm afraid the title of this post is too vague, excuse my limitations in English.

I've been reading the forum, especially this post: Can I throw my DAW out?.

I wanted to know if playing "live" is possible within Numerology. As far as I've seen, I could be using it as a "backing track" while I improvise, play melodies in a VST of choice with a certain MIDI controller.

So the workflow would be something like this:
- Sequence some bass and rhythms: single chord or chord progression, auto generative...
- Arrange it as wished
- Load a synth and play on top of the sequence, better inside of N4 to keep things tidy and neat.

I'm no so interested in recording, at least not at a production level but more in saving some ideas on top of which to play.

Right now I have Logic, which I purchased because of Alchemy and Sculpture. I have recorded some "backing tracks" there and play but honestly, it is a monster for my needs.

I use a Novation Launchpad pro in note mode as MIDI controller because I'm and old bass player and can't "see" the music in a traditional keyboard.

I dream on a Linnstrument. Maybe one day...

I'm looking for a more simple set up and workflow. A single stand-alone synth could do the job but I miss playing "with others". If I could use N4 in this setup I could use the Launchpad as the sequencer and the Linnstrument (whenever it comes) as my "live" instrument.

I hope I have explained clearly. Looking forward your answers.
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