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Originally Posted by jim View Post
Yes, but you can plug just about any monitor into it -- most of the time my macbook is plugged into a several-years-old 24" cinema display, keyboard and mouse, with the lid closed. When it's time to travel, I unplug everything and am ready to go...

That got me yes the 15" monitor with antiglare and double SSD drives would be a sweet setup..

I was inches away from going for the mac mini server edition, but I stayed my hand, if the imac comes on line again I would really prefer to wait to February..

I've got all the gear for doing the hard disk upgrade and will do it soon. Having a break isn't a bad thing, as you probably have surmised I've really given Numerology a going over of Late.. But this break should not last so long that I lose the good impetus I've got going, say 10 days at most..


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