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wow so many AUs - Numerology seems to be quite efficient!

its too kind of you to help me with a custom example, very much appreciated - it would also help me to learn numerology.

my goal was to have a one button-randomize solution for all the different parameters separately, each at a time, so I can randomize each one with its own dedicated midi-button. then do performance-experiments to find out which ones are useful to randomize separately & incorporate those in my setup, while summerizing all the others together with one button. the RndAll is already lots of fun, even though it summarizes a few parameters under one umbrella (the rnd-algorithms on the other hand are too specified for me).
So that leaves me with all the parameters I can't randomize with dedicated buttons yet:

Pitch Glide

I already found "1/x" which seems to randomize the note only, so I can separate it from "RndAll".

Generally, if I know how to "randomize on midi-button press" one parameter like Repeat or Divide, which have no "addModulation" & many steps - I can do it for the rest, so you won't have to do so much work.
It would be also cool to know how to generate a rnd-value on button press (with the S&H?), so I could use it for those parameters who have the add-Modulation option, to randomize on button press. I thought running the S&H in manual mode would have some kind of "manual advance on button press"-function, but it is about following the general transport.

Numerology surprised me with all the functionality. It seems to have so much features I miss in Ableton Live (even with M4L).
Maybe I can even patch-up randomization of my favorite AUs?

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