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Default What monitors do you use?

I've been using headphones for the last three years and it's time for a change. So I'm going shopping for monitors and expect to buy in May.

I'm interested in the ADAM A77x threeway near/midfield monitors.

Pricewise it lies comfortably at the bottom of my range. I would go up to 2x that price if there was some really convincing reasons for it. But after listening to them in the shop I feel that they easily fit the bill.

An additional benefit of getting these monitors is that they are also good for midfield use, which would be a boon in any demostration or teaching situation, or for a small groups of listeners. Read house concerts/cafe. Also the bass frequency goes down to 35 hz, so I would not need to get a sub, saves money and space..

So that's my thinking. Anyone else want to share their thoughts as to how to solve monitoring situation/needs?

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