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Thanks for all your useful and detailed replies. I've used Genelec's at the Conservatory for 3 1/2 years, and because of the material I was editeding my ears got really tired/ragged, so I doubt that I'd go the route now, but it's mostly a pyschological thing as I sure they are the cats meow!

No I'll likely just go with the a77x even though I have a small room, I will just do major acoustic treatment on it, after I've borrowed a B+K linear responce measure microphone to find out whats wrong.. Then get the research books out. I'll probably do a combo of acoustic curtains, bass absorbing membrane boxes and diffusion surfaces..

Just because speakers are bigger doesn't mean you can't listen at lower volume, and in the not to distant future I may just move to a larger studio space..

If I need to do a portable recording setup then I'd likely spring for the smaller Genelec or borrow a pair from another sound man that doesn't use his at all..

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